Pool Toys and Games

What can make an already amazing time at the pool better? Simple. Get some games and toys for the pool – and we’re not just talking about giant beach balls. Before you say toys and games at the pool are only for children, think again. Even a global celebrity like Taylor Swift has been sighted with a ducky. For the uninitiated, duckies are giant inflatable toys that you can lie, sit or float on. Racing on duckies, either by paddling or being pushed from behind, is quite the thing with teenagers these days. Of course, the young ones will enjoy being towed around the pool with their Disney or cartoon duckies.

There are also sports toys for the more athletic-minded. Many online retailers offer inflatable volleyball sets that will provide hours of fun. The ball floats on water, so you don’t have to worry about them turning into lead balls after being soaked. Even the bars to hold the net, which are placed on opposite ends of the pools, are built using soft materials in case people clatters unto them. What about golf on the pool? Imagine a putting green and a hole floating in the middle of the pool – and they say St. Andrews is tough.

You can also never go wrong with the basics. A water gun at by the poolside may seem redundant, but it’s actually the best place to use it since everyone is already wet. If you’re ‘shot’, you can even perform acrobatic leaps into the pool that will rival Hollywood stuntmen.

Children will definitely enjoy surveying their estate from inflatable castles. Defending them against intruders will logically entail the use of water guns. As with all wars, escalation will inevitably follow, probably using toypedos – small plastic torpedo-shaped projectiles that can travel up to 20 feet underwater with a single push.

Tossing toy rings from the edge of the pool into inflatable bars in the pool is another activity that adults and children can participate in together.

So start ordering your choice of pool toys and games before summer comes visiting again.